Pokemon Diamond (2007) Nintendo DS

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  • Pokémon Diamond expands the series by offering trainers a new area to explore and the chance to catch three new creatures. Single-gamers may choose between male and female characters at the beginning of the game, and then begin their quest to become the League Champion. Players must work their way through Shin'ou, a previously unseen area that is based on the landscape of Hokkaido in Japan. Gamers must take on and defeat members of Team Galaxy, a new threat in the Pokémon universe. Pokémon Diamond enhances the series by allowing players to transfer creatures from their Game Boy Advance to the DS using the GBA game slot. Through a wireless connection, gamers may challenge friends to a duel, trade creatures, and talk with friends at the Pokémon Union.

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    Role Playing
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    Nintendo DS
  • Game Name
    Pokémon: Diamond Version
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    Meet and chat with friends at the Union or enter the dueling ring and show off your skills Transfer creatures from your GBA to the DS or barter and trade animals with friends through a wireless connection Choose your character
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    Pokemon Series