Tea Cabin Quilt Vhc Brands Queen King Twin

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Vhc Brands - Tea Cabin Collections 
The earthy greens, deep red and warm navy log cabin blocks make the Tea Cabin Quilt stand out from the rest. The accent 8 point stars over tan makes this a timeless quilt to be passed down with pride. Reverses to mossy green, navy and creme plaid.
100% Cotton, Cotton Batting
Sizes Available

California King Weight: 11.5 lb
Dimensions: 115" long x 130" wide

Luxury King Weight: 10.5 lb
Dimensions: 105" long x 120" wide

King Weight: 7.5 lb
Dimensions: 97" long x 110" wide

Queen Weight: 6.3 lb
Dimensions: 94" long x 94" wide

Twin Weight: 4.6 lb
Dimensions: 90" long x 70" wide